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Based on the Hans Christian Andersen story


Directed by Annie Castiel

Music Direction by Becka Pearce

Produced by Tracy Wood

On  stage July 31st, August 1st, 7th and 8th

Online audition deadline: April 24th at 5 pm

Audition Information:
Due to the unprecedented impact of COVID-19 and the need for social distancing, the directors are taking a creative approach to casting this production so that we are able to proceed with the show. Due to this, some roles have been pre-cast to enable us to assure that we can bring some Disney magic to the stage in this stressful time. As well as pre-casting certain tracks, we are also dividing ensemble into 'singers, dancers, gymnasts' to ensure that our rehearsal process moves smoothly towards an outstanding production. Of course, if you're capable of doing more than JUST singing or JUST dancing, you will be considered for both. 


Vocal part: B3-D5
Age: 18-23
Prince Eric is the adventurous prince who captures Ariel's heart. Look for a charming performer with a sensitive nature. Prince Eric has a few small solos, but it is more important to cast a strong actor in this role.
Vocal part: Ab2-F4
Age: 35-50
Ariel's father, and King of the sea. Commanding presence that will do anything to protect his daughters from the world above.
Vocal part: C3-C4
Age: 30-50
Prince Eric's British guardian. Droll, stuffy, and constantly urging Eric towards his royal duties, specifically marriage. 
Vocal part: Bb2-A4
Age: 30-50
French palace chef. Loves cooking crab. Passionate about his job, at the expense of our favorite sea creatures. 
Vocal part: Various parts, primarily mezzo soprano to soprano
Age: 18-25
Ariel's older sisters. Strong character actors with strong commitment to being ridiculous. Must be able to carry several tracks, as well as move well on heelys (no, we're not joking).

Vocal range E3-C5

Age: 20 to 40

An eel and one of Ursula's lackeys. Oily and spineless, he will say anything you want or need to hear.


Vocal range: B2-A4

Age: 20 to 40

An eel and one of Ursula's lackeys. Oily and spineless, he will say anything you want or need to hear.

Age range: 14-100
Strong singers. Will be carrying tracks such as sailors, court members, sea creatures, and others. Strong dance is not a requirement, but there will be minor movement to accompany songs.
Age range: 14-100
Strong dancers. Will be carrying tracks such as sea creatures, sea gulls, and court members in Eric's kingdom. Must be expressive through movement in a way that benefits story telling. Styles include various ballroom, tap, and musical theatre jazz.
Age range: 14-100
Must be capable of completing tricks safely. We will be working with what you bring to the table. Creative minds, skill, and the ability to collaborate with choreographers needed. May also participate as dancers ensemble.
Age range: 7-13
A select number of children to fill out sea creatures. Must be good listeners, able to follow direction, and are comfortable with independence. Will be filling tracks such as fish, seahorses, turtles, and much more! NO  AUDITION VIDEO NEEDED FOR OUR CHILDREN'S ENSEMBLE. WE WILL MEET WITH CANDIDATES, IN PERSON, ONCE IT IS POSSIBLE. PLEASE FILL OUT THE REGISTRATION FORM SO WE HAVE PARENTS CONTACT INFORMATION.
If you are interested in participating in the show, please click on the link below to register. After registering, all auditions must be self-taped and submitted through our email at Submissions must include a clip of you singing 16-32 bars of a song in the style of the show (I.E. any other Alan Menken musical), to piano accompaniment or a backing track. Acapella submissions will not be accepted. If auditioning for dance or gymnast ensemble tracks, please include a 1 minute dance/gymnastics reel. If auditioning for a lead/supporting track, please include a 1 minute monologue, fully memorized. 
We understand that video auditions are not our normal for casting shows and we want you to know that, considering the circumstances, we don't expect Broadway quality audition reels!  In fact, some of the tapes we have gotten are really entertaining because of the distractions! All we are looking for is ability to hold pitch, vocal range, dance ability (tap or other) or a combination of all of the above. We want to know how well you can memorize a monologue so we know if you can memorize script in a short amount of time if cast in a lead or supporting role. HAVE FUN!  We directors could benefit from some really fun and entertaining videos. The best way to get us a video is to record yourself with your smartphone, then upload the video to youtube and make it private (unless you want a bigger audience) and email us the link. Video files are generally too big to email. You can also submit a video using the "Message Us" option on our Facebook page.  Don't hesitate to email us if you are having challenges and please don't be afraid to try this.  We are excited to watch your video!
If you have ANY questions, email us at
We look forward to collaborating with you to bring some light and magic back to the Treasure Valley.

© 2017 Dream Weaver Theatrical Productions

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