Why we are a non-profit:


DreamWeaver Theatrical Productions is a registered 501(c)3 not for profit charitable corporation. This means that all the money given, raised or earned is not distributed as profit or payroll, but kept and reinvested in the work that we do.  We are reliant on the continued support of our audiences, funders, corporate partners, Members and donors to ensure that we can continue to develop our artistic and educational work and remain central to the communities that we serve. 



























Support from individuals, whether that be financial support or a donation of your time, is integral to the  future of DreamWeaver Theatrical Productions. We cannot do it without you!



We are committed to:


DreamWeaver Theatrical Productions is an award winning community theatre organization that strives to present quality and diversity in our productions.  We present a diverse range of high quality, live theatre experiences bringing artistic excellence to the many different audiences in the Treasure Valley.

Our goal is to make theatre and the arts accessible and available to everyone and to make arts attendance and participation an unassailable privilege and right for everyone in our community.  


There’s more than one way to do this.

We produce and present a wide variety of shows that people want to see at affordable prices. As DreamWeaver continues to grow in our new Fishbowl Center for Performing Arts as well as through our regular major performing arts venues,  we will move to, delight, amaze and nurture through a continually evolving program of dramas, musicals, comedies, theatre for families, live music, live comedy, exciting new shows by emerging theatre-makers, community events, classes and more in our 120 seat studio theatre and in our larger venues located throughout the Treasure Valley.

We believe strongly that live performance has the power to enrich lives and that this should be available to all and this lies at the heart of what we do. Because we embrace the broad impact the arts have on our youth, DreamWeaver has an extensive outreach program, providing discounted or free tickets to many organizations in community that serve youth that would otherwise be unable to experience the magic of live performing arts. We never turn anyone away due to inability to pay.  We open our doors to everyone to participate in community theatre productions, free of charge.  Over the past 6 years, we have focused on enabling people, especially youth,  to express themselves and their stories through the arts.

Last but not least, we nurture the next generation of theatre-goers and theatre-makers.  We discover them, then we train them and in some cases we steer them towards further training and professional development. In return, they  inspire us to do better.