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DreamWeaver Theatrical Productions is excited to announce auditions for Disney’s Beauty and the Beast

Audition registrations for Beauty and the Beast are now closed due to an overwhelming response! We will leave up the audition information and requirements as well as the schedule link for those that are signed up to reference. 

Those auditioning for lead or supporting roles will be asked to read sides.  All candidates should prepare 32 bars from a song which shows both their vocal skill and range. Songs should be memorized (no lyrics in had). Recorded or downloaded accompaniment must be supplied. Acappella auditions will be not allowed. Please dress appropriately for the singing and dancing audition. There is one supporting role for a male child, age 7-10 (chip). The production of Beauty and the Beast is a MAJOR committment. Actors must commit to the rehearsal schedule, including set days. Conflicts will be taken into consideration during casting. Please remember that excessive or unreported absenses will result in recasting.


For more information email dwmtproductions@gmail.com

Lead Roles:

Belle: Female 18-21, Mezzo-Soprano (G3-F5) . Belle is the protagonist and heroine.  She is intelligent, strong, kind, gentle and beautiful: a spirited young woman. The role requires an exceptionally strong vocalist, able to portray the qualities of Belle in all areas of the audition process. 

Beast: Male 18-30,Baritone (A2-F4).  The Beast is a tortured soul that is paying for a moment of anger and simply wants to turn back time. While Beast is angry and menacing, he becomes soft and caring as he interacts with Belle. The role of Beast requires an extremely accomplished vocalist with appropriate stage presence and acting skills that demonstrate all personality aspects of Beast.

Gaston:  Male 18-25, Baritone (A2-F4). Gaston is the utter opposite of the Beast. While handsome, he possesses a shallow personality and is self absorbed. He loves attention and lacks intellect. He is a dangerous foe for the Beast, Belle and Maurice as his ego is bruised. Role requires a strong vocalist with exceptional character acting skills  that is able to use the stage well. 

Mrs. Potts:  Female 30’s-50’s, Mezzo-Soprano (F#3-G5). A warmhearted, maternally driven teapot, Mrs. Potts is the narrator of the story and a mother figure to Belle. This role requires an exceptionally strong vocalist as she sings the title song of the show as a solo. Requires ability to speak with a British accent. 

Lumiere: Male 16-30’s, Bari/Tenor: (F#2-G4). Lumiere, once a French Butler, is now a candelabra.  He is romantic, suave, romantic, lively and smooth-talking. He and Babette are romantically involved.  This role requires a strong vocalist that is able to character act and use the stage well.  Requires ability to speak with a French accent. 

Cogsworth: Male 16-30s, Baritone (F#2-F4). Cogsworth is a mantle clock that is enchanted and tightly wound. He is the head of Beast's household and he is absolutely obsessed with perfection. This role requires strong character acting as well as the ability to speak with an British accent. 

Supporting Roles

Maurice: Male, 40’s-60’s Baritone (Bb2-Db4). Maurice is a scatter brained, kind, gentle, inventive and enthusiastic father of Belle. He becomes focused and determined when he knows Belle is in danger. Requires strong vocal talent as he signs a duet with Belle and has solos throughout the show. 

Chip: Male 7-12, Boy Soprano (F#3-F#5). Chip is an inquisitive teacup and the son of Mrs. Potts.  Requires strong, on pitch vocal ability. Unchanged voice. 

Babette: Female 16-30’s, Soprano (F#3-C6). Babette is a feather duster that is enchanted and in love with Lumiere. Requires strong vocal and dancing ability. Requires a French accent. 

Madame de la Grand Bouche: Female 30’s-50’s, Mezzo-Soprano (F#3-E5).  An enchanted wardrobe that was once and opera diva. Speaks with a French accent. 

LeFou: Male 18-30’s, Tenor (B2-G4). Gastons, side kick, LeFou is dim-witted and bent on pleasing his master, no matter how foolish he looks. Strong, comedic character actor required. 

Monsieur D’Arque: Male 18-50’s, Tenor (D3-A4).  The proprietor of the local insane asylum, D'arque is creepy and scheming. Speaks with a French accent. 

Special Dancers:  We will be looking to cast up to 8 featured dancers for the parts of wolves, napkins, and villager ensemble. Those that show the strongest dance skills will be placed in these roles during auditions. 

The Ensemble (Townspeople - Enchanted Objects:  (ages 12 and up). There are numerous ensemble roles. All cast as ensemble will be kept quite busy during the show with character changes. There are several solo lines in songs that will be assigned out to ensemble vocalists.   Being an ensemble member requires singers/dancers/actors that will play multiple roles including villagers, flatware, napkins and wolves. We will cast 4 children under the age of 12 that demonstrate an ability to follow  direction and have good vocal skills.