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Auditioning For DreamWeaver

DreamWeaver Theatrical Productions is an award winning, all volunteer-run , charitable non-profit and, as such, is always looking for more people to audition, organize and just help out in general. To keep up with the details of each audition, keep an eye on our Facebook page (DreamWeaver Theatrical Productions,  join our email list by subscribing to our website, watch local community calendars and watch the local papers!  You can also call us at (208)283-2391 between 10 am and 4 pm weekdays.


ALWAYS check the rehearsal and performance schedules before you audition. Probably one of the worst things is to audition, get a great part and then find out that rehearsals interfere with classes or that you'll be out of town during the 2 weeks the play goes on. Always err on the side of asking too many questions to make sure you can fulfill your obligations.  Your skill level as an actor does not change our expectation that you attend scheduled rehearsals. One missing actor impacts the entire cast and makes it very challenging to run scenes, choreograph, block and teach music.

Read about the play/musical you'll be auditioning for. Do your homework and make sure you (and your parents, if you are a minor), are comfortable with the subject matter and content.  DreamWeaver produces family shows as well as plays and musicals that tackle important social and moral issues.  We are a secular theatre company and, as such, do not ask our actors or directors to comply with the values and expectations of any church.  We DO expect our actors and directors to be respectful of each other, regardless of our walk in life, social status, sexual identity or beliefs.


Practice the required audition piece (if available) until you know it by heart. Our directors will give you a date to be "off book" (no script in hands). It is very important our actors are off book ahead of or no later than the set date.  Being off book shows professionalism and allows you to use your hands and body language during your scene.  Practice alone in front of a mirror, as well as with others either as an audience or someone feeding you responses if the audition piece is interactive.

If the show is a musical, you will be required to sing a short song for auditions. The standard length of an audition piece is 16 measures, which would be roughly a verse or chorus of a tune. Each director is different and some may allow you to sing more than 16 bars or even all of the song.  DreamWeaver does not currently use an audition accompanist for our family productions.  We DO provide an audition accompanist for our major musical auditions.  We ask candidates to prepare a song and DOWNLOAD the instrumental track to an ipod or cell phone OR email us the link to your instrumental and we will download it to our audition playlist  The piece should be memorized.  Most auditions at DreamWeaver happen in  groups, which means you will be requested to sing in front of the group.

Be prepared to commit time to building sets and sewing costumes if necessary. Remember, many community theaters are volunteer run and funding comes either from grants or the success of the last performance. Pitching in WILL be expected.  Failure to attend mandatory set days, load in, strike and cleanup will result in dismissal from the cast.


As an award winning theatre company,  DreamWeaver prides itself on bringing high quality performances to the stage.  As such, the philosophy of DreamWeaver Musical Theatre is that we cast the most talented candidates for each role.  DreamWeaver casts roles based on a scoring systems, directly relative to  talent shown during auditions and based on specific characteristics needed for each roles.  We do not cast based on whose turn it is; whether or not an actors has played or not played one or multiple principals(s) in a production in the past.  Adults, children or relatives with the organization of DWMT are NOT given special preference and are not guaranteed a role in any production.  The casting committee must have the freedom to choose those actors that they deem most fit to play all acting roles.  A  The choreographer is the best judge of dancers.  The music director is the best judge of singers. The director is the best judge of actors.


A scoring system will be used to break all ties.  All ccandidates who try out are scored on acting, singing and dancing (when needed).  In each case, scoring is subjective.  There is no scientific way to grade these talents.  DWMT does not believe in type casting.  However, often times an extremely talented young actor may not get a designated role because they are too tall or too old to convey a character in the necessary manner.  Frequently, ccandidates who are not cast in leads in one show may be cast in a lead in the next.  Because our leads carry a heavy load of lines, vocal and acting ability, it is important we feel confident that those actors assigned as leads have established an ability with either DWMT or another company to carry the workload of a lead successfully.


DWMT allows those ccandidates who are interested in developing backstage skills to be involved in its actual production.  We always have some candidates who do not wish to act but only to crew and we make every attempt of vie them their first choice of crews.  Our goal in all productions is to give crewmembers as much responsibility as possible.


We require that parents of ALL youth cast members anticipate in some capacity during the show.  There are a variety of opportunities that will fit both your interests and time constraints.  A volunteer meeting will be held after casting where these opportunities will be described.  

Best of luck!